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Other Breweriana: Beer Coasters

WE BUY OLD BEER COASTERS. Old, collectible beer coasters or brewery mats.  Also called bar mats.  The coasters on are old, vintage or antique, dating mostly from the 1930s through the 1950s.  Coaster collecting is called tegestology.   Pre-prohibition coasters generally are very rare.  Larger 4" coasters generally preceded 3" coasters.  Coaster reference numbers established by The main coaster printers include:

  • Absorbo Beer Pad Co. Inc. NY
  • BaVco U.S.A
  • BMT co. Germany
  • Brandt & Brandt NYC
  • Brewer & Sons Chicago
  • Curt Teich & Company, Inc, Chicago
  •  Drewer & Sons, Chicago
  • E.M. Blumenthal & Co. Chicago-Germany
  • R.G. Fenstermaker, Allentown PA
  • Griffin-Rutgers-INC. New York
  • Kostat
  • Lion Match Co., INC
  • Sherman
  • Universal Tray & Sign Co., New York

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Showing results 81 – 120 of 304