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Toppy Bottle Opener Resealer Recapper

Here is the inside secret for removing and resealing bottle caps without damaging them.  An excellent tool to lift a bottle cap off your bottle or old can without denting or damaging it.  It also will reseal or recap your bottle or cone top can.  It reseals in just the right way for your crown to look perfect on the can or bottle.  It will enable you to store your beer or soda upright.  It does not provide a completely water tight seal so liquids will leak out if stored horizontally or up side down.  A must have for the bottle or can collector who likes to remove and install caps.  These are of a 1960s vintage and we have a limited supply.  Once they are gone, they will no longer be available.  Note that all have their original packaging and instructions.  I selected one randomly for the photo...condition may vary a little but all about the same. Makes an excellent gift.  PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING.


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Toppy Bottle Opener Resealer Recapper Beer

Toppy Bottle Opener Resealer Recapper Photo 2