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Horlacher 9 Months Perfection

From the well regarded Will Anderson Collection.

A very interesting piece.  Brass with cut out letters:  "10 Dozen Horlacher 9 Months Old Perfection Beer Allentown, PA."  This was a stencil for painting keg tops, kegs that held 10 dozen bottles of beer packed with straw.  About 3 of these were found in the brewery many years ago.  This likely is one of those.


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SKU: BREW19883
Category: Signs
Grade: 9
Brewery: Horlacher Brewing
City: Allentown
State: PA
Type: Brass Stencil? I'm not sure what this is!
Size: About 18 1/2" x 16"
Date: c. 1910s

Horlacher 9 Months Perfection Beer

Horlacher 9 Months Perfection Photo 2