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Krueger Beer 471 PRE-TAX

This is the world's first production beer can and it is very rare!  It was produced prior to the use of the internal revenue tax statement.  The can features the full length opener and the baldy K-Man, a textbook example of a highly effective trademark.  It was found, along with 3 other Beers and 2 Ales, in a box in the garage of of an estate in southwestern Virginia.  The owner of the house was unaware the cans were there!  It is speculated that the cans belonged to the owner's parents who may have operated a cafe in the 1930s.  The parents once lived in Charlotte County, VA near Richmond. 

This is the last can available of the find and it is one of the best condition examples!


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SKU: BREW22745
Category: Flat Tops OI
Book #: USBCOI 471
Grade: Very clean, all original. Some imperfections. See brightly lit photos.
Brewery: G. Krueger Brewing
City: Newark
State: New Jersey
Type: Instructional Flat Top Beer Can
Size: 12 oz
Manufacturer: American Can Co.
Canning/Manuf. Code: 17 - Jersey City, NJ (American)
Date: circa first half 1935

Krueger Beer 471 PRE-TAX Beer

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