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Find! Golden Age Chester Hohenadel ...

Just in is this find of cone top beer cans.  They were found by a lawyer during renovations of his home in Philadelphia.  Note:  Price shown in cart will be for the most expensive can still available.  To buy a less expensive can, send an email to arrange.  Info for each can going from top left to bottom right:

1.  Schmidt's Light Beer J-Spout 184-30- a very nice 1-, perfect colors, nice sheen, proper cap, some spots/knicks.  Bottom in very nice condition.  $150...SOLD

2.  Souvenir 185-25- nice 2+ with most of gold metallic having good reflective shine but consistent humidity spotting all around, nice OH crown.  Bottom clean with a few spots. $75...SOLD

3.  Chester J-Spout 157-15- a very nicely displaying grade 2 can.  Perfect colors.  Humidity spots, scraches and a drip of concrete (I think) along side of can, and some rust on seam and spout.  Bottom is tarnished and also has some concrete on it.  No attempt has been made to remove rust/concrete.  Potential for improvement with the right touch.  $400...SOLD

4.  Chester J-Spout 157-15- a solid grade 3 can with no holes but humidity/rust around can diminishes colors.  No attempt to remove rust has been made...has potential for improving with the right touch.  $150...SOLD

5.  Hohenadel Light Beer J-Spout 169-02- very tough can to get all original.  A nice 1-/2+ with some humidity spots, very nice colors, relatively clean spout and bottom.  $125...SOLD

6.  Golden Age Beer 166-09-a very nice 2/2+ can with excellent red and much of gold and black clear and metallic.  Does have humidity spotting but not as severe as others.  Much of finish remains on spout, nice PA crown.  Bottom tarnished but clean.  $600...SOLD

7.  Golden Age Beer 166-09- very decent grade 2 can with most of gold on spout, much of gold on bottom (but humidity spots on bottom), nice PA crown.  $400...SOLD

8.  Golden Age Beer 166-09- another very decent grade 2 can with a very clean bottom , relatively clean spout, and humidity all around.  $350...SOLD

We will do our best to mark cans Sold as soon as possible after they sell to keep this listing accurate.  All prices include well packaged shipping.

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Category: Cone Tops

Find!  Golden Age Chester Hohenadel ... Beer

Find!  Golden Age Chester Hohenadel ... Photo 2

Find!  Golden Age Chester Hohenadel ... Photo 3

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