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Pickwick Ale Depth-O-Gram

A very rare lighted beer sign advertising Pickwick Ale and featuring a three dimensional hologram like image of Mr. Pickwick.  This is accomplished by mulitple layers of reverse painted glass.  Very rare.  NOTE:  all glass/artwork is 100% original.  the case and frame are reproductions.  The case is an exact reproduction of the original, right down to the guage of the metal.  The frame is new but a close approximation of the original.


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SKU: BREW19281
Category: Signs, Electric
Grade: 9+
Brewery: Haffenreffer
City: Boston
State: MA
Type: Depth-O-Graph Hologram Lit Sign
Size: About 9 3/4" x 14" x 5"
Manufacturer: Depth-O-Graph Perser Corp NYC
Date: c. 1940s

Pickwick Ale Depth-O-Gram Beer

Pickwick Ale Depth-O-Gram Photo 2

Pickwick Ale Depth-O-Gram Photo 3

Pickwick Ale Depth-O-Gram Photo 4

Pickwick Ale Depth-O-Gram Photo 5

Pickwick Ale Depth-O-Gram Photo 6