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Dobler Lager Beer Wagon Tray

Super graphics on this tray feature horse drawn beer wagons loaded with wooden beer barrels. High grade for this tray.


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SKU: BREW23234
Category: Trays & Tip Trays
Grade: Very clean. Possibly clear-coated with just a few small imperfections and a very slight white drip mark running vertically through red of the logo and above/below. See birghtly lit photos.
Brewery: Dobler Brewing Co.
City: Albany
State: NY
Type: Oval beer serving tray
Size: about 16 1/2" x 13 1/2"
Manufacturer: Haeusermann Litho. NY Chi
Date: Pre-prohibition

Dobler Lager Beer Wagon Tray Beer

Dobler Lager Beer Wagon Tray Photo 2

Dobler Lager Beer Wagon Tray Photo 3