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Stegmaier Match Holder

Features 4 Bottles, Bottled and Pasteurized at the Brewery:  Stegmaier Export Beer, Select Beer, Beer & Malt Extract.  The text on the tray portion:  "The Great Strenght Builder, Stegmaier Malt Extract"

From the Robert Keasey Collection.

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SKU: BREW19949
Category: Miscellaneous
Grade: 7 (some wear, soiling, light rust, scratches but overall nice display esp of central main artwork of bottles)
Brewery: Stegmaier Brewing Co.
City: Wilkes Barre
State: PA
Type: Tin Lithograph Wall Mount Match Holder
Size: About 3 1/2" x 5" x 1 1/2"
Manufacturer: H.D. Beach Co. Coshocton Ohio
Date: circa 1910

Stegmaier Match Holder Beer

Stegmaier Match Holder Photo 2

Stegmaier Match Holder Photo 3

Stegmaier Match Holder Photo 4