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Jun 13, 2014

Miller Bottles

I have two unopened Miller High Life bottles dated 1-28-46 in brown glass. Was wondering if anyone has seen any of these?

Collections/Items We've Handled has had the honor and viagra on line uk priveledge of buying and selling the finest beer cans and collections in the hobby. Both our customers and those who have sold or consigned individual beer cans and collections to have given overwhelmingly positive feedback. References are available upon request. Below we show some of how to order viagra over internet the more significant collections/items we've brought to highly satisfied customers over the past couple of years.

Most notable, is the David and Jane Stark collection from just outside of Chicago, Illinois, acquired by in late 2007. This collection, assembled over 35 years, is the most advanced beer can collection ever to hit the pfizer viagra for sale market. It featured the rarest and highest condition cans known in the hobby. The banner below shows a small sampling of some of the wonderful cans in this collection.

Stark Beer Can Collection Banner

In early 2008, the Rob Skalla collection out of Kalamazoo, Michigan was consigned to Rob was a good friend of's owner, Dan Morean, and it has been an honor assisting the Skalla family with the disposition of Rob's collection. Rob collected top condition cans from all around the country, and was strongest in set cans, Michigan cans, and cans from Pacific Brewing in Oakland, California. Below are a few examples of some of the exceptional cans from the Skalla collection, including the 8oz Buccaneeer Stout, Glacier Beer annd Hollywood Ranch Market cans from Pacific Brewing, the finest Boston Light Ale J-Spout known, the best known Hop Gold Ye Old English Ale instructional, and one of very few clean Horluck's Vienna Export Beer instructionals.

Buccaneer Stout Malt Liquor Beer Can Glacier Beer Can Hollywood Ranch Market Beer Can Boston Light Ale Beer Can Hop N Gold Ye Old English Ale Beer Can Horluck's Vienna Beer Can

In August of 2006, purchased the Rick Poore Croft and Wehle beer can collection out of Standish, Maine. Rick was very pleased with the sale and in May, 2008, Rick sold his Narragansett collection to This was one of the most advanced Narragansett collections ever assembled. This collection featured some of the highest grade known examples of Narragansett cans as well as many rare pieces of Narragansett beer advertising. Below are some photos of this collection which included the Williams Purple Cow zip top, the rare Narragansett Light Ale flat top, a best known Narragansett Gold Label variation, a rare tin Narragansett sign, and a rare Narragansett factory scene lithograph in original frame.

Narragansett Factory Scene LithographNarragansett Beer Can Collection Narragansett Tin Sign

In January, 2007, purchased the McCoy Flat Bottom Inverted Rib and other Cone Tops collection outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. This likely was the most complete set of FBIR cones ever assembled. Among the better cans in this collection were the unique Schlitz FBIR, the "Valentines" Kato FBIR, the Gretz Beer and Souther Select J-Spouts and others (shown below).

Gretz Beer and Southern Select Cone Top Cans Schlitz Lager Beer FBIR Cone Kato FBIR Cone Top Cans

Krueger Ale and Beer Pre-Tax CansIn January, 2007, purchased the Kevin Lilek instructional beer can collection out of Aurora, Illionois. This collection featured many rare flat tops with opening instructions, including an extensive collection of Krueger beer cans. The very rare, pre-tax Krueger Ale & Beer baldy set (the first set of beer cans distributed in the US) was in this collection. AuctionAnother interesting acquisition by was a find of cheap cialis in usa beer cans out of a Long Island, NY bar that was auctioned in March, 2008 by the Cyr auction in Gray, Maine. The Cyr auction contacted as many beer can dealers as it could find on the internet and heavily advertised this find of cans. A large group of the internet can dealers joined forces and placed a combined bid. bid alone and won this group of cans for $126,000.

Ruppert Bock instructionals, a Poth's Beer instructional, a Schultz Light Beer and a Krueger's Bock Beer were among the only for you viagra fed ex better cans in this group. The author put two of these cans (the best Ruppert Bock and buy online cialis the Poth's Beer) in his collection and was happy to come a little shy of breaking even on the investment with the rest of the cans.

Waldorf Samson Ale Beer Can Clipper Cone Top Beer Can
The Kates beer can collection out of Dayton, Ohio was purchased by in July of 2007. This was a leading collection of beer cans from Ohio breweries. Among the better cans in this collection were a unique variation of the Clipper cone top and one of the three known quality examples of the woodgrain Waldorf Samson Ale.

William Smith and Sons Brewery SignRoessle Factory Scene Lithograph
We also buy collections of cialis cheapest price Breweriana, such as the King collection from near Boston, Massachusetts, purchased in April, 2007. This collection featured many one-of-a-kind pieces of breweriana, mostly from Massachusetts breweries. The William Smith & Sons factory scene to the right is unique. It features scenes of both the Elmwood Spring and Revere Breweries in Boston. The Roessle Brewing scene to the right also is unique.

Other significant pieces from the King collection are shown below. From left to right, they include a unique A.G. Van Nostrand Bunker Hill Breweries brass sign, a unqiue J. Oscar Kent brewery scene, a best-known Red Fox Ale pre-prohibition, celluloid over cardboard sign, and a rare and minty, pre-prohibition, porcelain Reliance Ale sign from the Boston Beer Co. All of the King items shown above and below remain in the author's private collection.

Bunker Hill Lager Van Nostrand Brass Sign J. Oscar Kent Brewery Scene Red Fox Ale SignBoston Beer Co. Reliance Ale Sign purchased the Bussey Rhode Island beer can (and much of the Bussey RI breweriana) collection out of Lincoln, Nebraska in November of 2007. This collection included many top examples of cans from Rhode Island breweries. Shown below is the best known example of the ultra-rare Narragansett Beer instructional which completed a set in the author's collection and a couple of Narragansett pre-prohibiiton trays that are extremely rare in top condition.

Narragansett Billboard Tray Narragansett Beer Can Set Narragansett Select Stock Lager Tray

We purchased the Raimondi breweriana collection in August of 2006 and the Raimondi beer can collection in February of 2007. The Baltimore, MD area collection was strongest in Baltimore brewery cans and breweriana. Gunther's Bock Beer Can

The rare standing Goat flat top pictured to the left was among the many great cans in this collection.

Fred. Bauernschmidt American Brewery TrayThe rare Fred. Bauernschmidt American Brewery factory scene tray also was in this collection.

As time permits, we will add details of cheap discount cialis other collections has bought over the years. Among these collections are the Babchuck cone top collection, the Amideo Ballantine and Ruppert can collections, the DeRiggi can collection, the Flask can collection, the Kretschmer beer can and discount viagra pharmacy breweriana collection, the Pescaro Harvard collection, the Shattuck New England beer can collection, the West New England collection, the Chandler RI collection, a Cleveland, Ohio estate can collection, the Schulze beer can collection in Deleware, the Small collection in Connecticut, and the Wicker Beverwyck collection.

Login Cabin Beer Can FindIn addition to buying large collections, has purchased many individual and small groups of cans that have turned up in all sorts of interesting places over the years. The Log Cabin flat tops to the left turned up during renovations of a home in California. There were a total of five of these cans. The owner of these cans researched and shopped around for the highest bidder for over a year before selling these to

Cremo Ale J Spout FindIn 2006, an estate hired an antiques appraiser to price the contents of a home and sell them in an estate sale. After the close of the sale, the estate hired a company to throw away the remaining contents and clean the house. One cleaner was given permission to keep the case of Cremo Ale cans shown to the right. The owner of these cans contacted the dealers and collectors he could find with his internet search and sold them to for its high bid of just under $40,000.

Please check this article out again...we have dozens more collections/finds to include in this story and buy levitra in uk will do so as time permits...




Jun 06, 2008

Brick & Mortar Store

Brick & Mortar Store's Flat Top Beer Can ShowroomThe internet is just one of many avenues we use to display and promote beer cans and breweriana. The best way to see the most current and complete inventory of is to visit our 5,000 sq. ft. antique beer can and breweriana store in Brimfield, Massachusetts.'s brick and mortar location has six rooms.

Flat Top Showroom

The showroom to the right displays mostly flat top beer cans and post-prohibition beer advertsing. This 1000+ square foot room displays the cialis buy uk flats in self-lit, turn-of-the-20th-century country store display cases. The cans in these cases all are from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s...nothing newer. Sparkly clean instructionals and non-instructionals dazzle viewers with their bright colors, graphic appeal and antique aura...breathtaking to the collector!

Cone Top Showroom Cone Top Beer Can ShowroomThe cone top display room to the left features 500 square feet of cone top beer cans and breweriana. Here you'll find the world's largest selection of top grade and rare low profile, high profile, flat bottom inverted rib, and J-Spout cone tops.

A few minutes into his visit, the customer in the photo to the left informed me that he was afraid he "...died and buying generic viagra went to beer can heaven."

Pre-prohibition Tavern Room Pre-prohibition BarDon't miss our reproduction of a late nineteenth century tavern, featuring rustic hickory floors, dark cherry molding, a 16' antique mahagoney bar and backbar, an 1880s Brunswick novelty pool table, and walls covered with some of the rarest and highest condition pre-prohibition beer advertising available anywhere.

The photo to the right is a snaphshot of this tavern room in mid-2005. The inventory changes frequently and the breweriana displayed in this room as of this writing is almost entirely different.

Crowntainer/Bottle Showroom

Crowntainer and Bottle ShowroomThe room to the left displays mostly crowntainers, quarts and beer bottles.

Another room displays mostly post-prohibition breweriana and another room is dedicated to photography and packaging.'s store is the only shop in the world dedicated solely to high grade, early and rare beer cans and breweriana.

We hope you will viist us when you are in the area. Our central New England location is convenient to much of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and New York. We are about 65 miles from Boston, MA about 50 miles from Hartford, CT about 100 miles from Manchester, NH, about 60 miles from Providence, RI, and about 160 miles from New York City.


Hours: By appointment only.

Phone: (617) 448-2300.

Address: 21 Sturbridge Road, Brimfield, MA 01010.

Directions: From whatever direction you are driving, you will need to get to the Massachusetts Turnpike (Rt. 90).

If you are coming from West of our location (eg: from 91 or Albany), take Rt. 90 to Exit 8. At the end of the ramp, take a right on 32 for 7/10 mile. Take a left on 20 and travel east for about 8 miles. About 1/10 mile after passing through the only stop light in Brimfield, will be on your left set up on a small hill in a large, barn-red building.

If you are coming from East of our location, take Rt. 90 to Exit 9. Follow the signs for Rt. 20/Brimfield. Take 20 West for about 7.5 miles. When the speed limit slows from 55, then to 45 and then to 25 MPH, you'll go around a bend to the right. is located on the right, on a small hill, in a large barn-red building. If you get to the only traffic light in Brimfield, you just passed us!


The business now known as was started in 1995 by the author, a collector with 30 years experience in the hobby. The business was started in a Malden, Massachusetts living room, where there was a computer tapped into the internet and walls full of beer cans and breweriana.

First Logo

The web site was first launched in 1996. At the time, there was only one other retail beer can/breweriana web site on-line (which is long out of business). So, is the oldest retail beer can and breweriana web site now on the internet. Logo, 1997-2000

Over the years, has grown, one satisfied customer and one satisfied seller/consignor at a time. 2001 LogoToday is the beer can and brewery advertising leader, both on-line and off (see "Collections/Items We've Handled"). Thousands of customers world-wide appreciate finding rare items on and hundreds of sellers and consignors have enjoyed profitable and smooth transactions with Logo, 20005-Aug., 2008Several people do the buy viagra with paypal work that goes into keeping at the top of the heap. My beautiful wife Julie (with her 4.0 GPA MBA) provides unlimited "free" marketing and business consultations. Ron Small has 30 years of experience and cheap viagra online canada a vast knowledge of beer cans and breweriana.   Krystelle Tolentino asssists with web page updates and tradeshows.  We have 4 web site development contributors. And, last but not least, David Waugh is in charge of's design work (he can not be blamed for the earliest two logos above...those were pre-David). Finally, the author eats, sleeps, drinks, and breathes beer cans and breweriana--anything to help keep this recovering lawyer out of a suit and tie!

All the work we put into is with an eye toward being in business decades from now. We have no desires or plans to take over the universe...just to keep doing what we're doing and to do it better and better as time passes. We value the relationships we've made with buyers and sellers over the years and we see these mutually successful relationships as the spring-board for continued success.


Jun 06, 2008


About Us

The community was established in 1995 by me, Dan Morean. is the oldest retail beer can and brewery advertising web site on the internet. serves as the internet base for my beer can and breweriana collecting and levitra generia preis business.

In about 1976, a friend of mine, Mike Flask, introduced me to beer can collecting. Mike's father, Frank, worked for the C. Schmidt & Sons brewery in Cleveland. Each time a new can was introduced at the brewery, Frank would take one of the cans home for Mike. Back then, I acquired cans by walking along the road and looking for them, digging around old dumps, trading with other kids in the neighborhood, and buying from older collectors/dealers at flea markets.

Around 1995, I began buying and selling cans on the internet (which, by the way, is a heck of a lot more efficient than walking along miles of roadsides and rummaging through flea markets and garage sales). When I formally launched the website in 1996, there was only one other site of its kind on the internet. That site went out of business several years ago. Today, there are many web sites devoted to beer cans and beer advertising.

In 1997, I left the practice of law to devote myself full-time to has remained my sole occupation since.

In 2000, opened its brick and mortar retail store in Brimfield, Massachusetts. It is a 5,000 square feet facility with 4 rooms filled with beer cans and breweriana. Please see the "Brick and Mortar" section of "About Us" for more information about our off-line store. is the only beer can and/or breweriana website to also have a brick and mortar store.

In the years since 1995, the finest beer can and breweriana collections in the world (those of Bussey, Kates, King, Lilek, McCoy, Skalla, and Stark, to name a few) have been sold with great success on No other web site or person has handled more top quality cans than

Today, remains the market leader for beer cans and breweriana. There is a team of several dedicated contributors at We attribute our success to dealing honestly and with transparency. When we buy beer cans and breweriana, we empower the seller with full disclosure of all information related to their items, including retail value and we pay a higher percentage of retail (sometimes more than retail if items are for the author's personal collection!) than our competitors. When we sell, the same philosophy of honesty and discount generic propecia transparency applies. We always empower buyers with full discolosure or all relevant facts, incuding quantities of items found, imperfections, etc. You will find the claims made on are backed with solid proof as you browse our site.

Jun 06, 2008



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Jun 06, 2008

Breweriana Clubs

Breweriana Clubs

Jun 06, 2008

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Books on Breweriana

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