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Best Beer Quart 203-03

Shiny gold bottoms have DNCMT4%ABW statement.  These two Best Beer quarts and the Gold Seal quart with the blue banner came from an older gentleman in Tacomah, Washington who had been saving them all these years!



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SKU: BREW22722
Category: Odd Size Cones
Book #: 203-03
Grade: Very clean with sone minor dings and scratches. See brightly lit photos.
Brewery: Best Brewing
City: Chicago
State: IL
Type: Quart cone top beer can
Size: 32 oz
Manufacturer: Continental Can Co.
Canning/Manuf. Code: 48 - Patterson, NJ (Continental)
IRTP Status: Non-IRTP
Date: circa 1950s

Best Beer Quart 203-03 Beer

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