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Hornung's CREAM ALE 417

Ultra rare Hornung's Cream Ale! This is one of the later variations where the "Cream Ale" was shaded in a light gray. Another strange and unique thing about this variation is that it's late enough to be missing the IRTP, but still has the "2 Patents - Others Pending" statement. Bizarre. Only 3 examples known to reference author. Appears to be all original.  Possibly a replaced bottom lid.


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SKU: BREW23139
Category: Flat Tops OI
Book #: USBCOI 417
Grade: See brightly lit, oversized photos.
Brewery: Jacob Hurnung Brewing
City: Philadelphia
State: PA
Type: Instructional Flat Top Beer Can
Size: 12 oz
Manufacturer: American Can Co.
Canning/Manuf. Code: 44 - Baltimore, MD (American)
IRTP Status: Non-IRTP
Date: circa early 1950s

Hornung's CREAM ALE 417 Beer

Hornung's CREAM ALE 417 Photo 2

Hornung's CREAM ALE 417 Photo 3

Hornung's CREAM ALE 417 Photo 4

Hornung's CREAM ALE 417 Photo 5

Hornung's CREAM ALE 417 Photo 6