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Goebel SPARKLING 343

Very tough variation with "Sparkling..." text on side panel. Reference author knows of only 3 quality examples and is by far the rarest Goebel variation.   Nice clear metallic and colors. All original (except top lid removed) can with just minor imperfections and minor teeth marks.


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SKU: BREW23138
Category: Flat Tops OI
Book #: USBCOI 343
Grade: See brightly lit, oversized photos.
Brewery: Goebel Brewing
City: Detroit
State: MI
Type: Instructional Flat Top Beer Can
Size: 12 oz
Manufacturer: American Can Co.
Date: circa 1947

Goebel SPARKLING 343 Beer

Goebel SPARKLING 343 Photo 2

Goebel SPARKLING 343 Photo 3

Goebel SPARKLING 343 Photo 4

Goebel SPARKLING 343 Photo 5

Goebel SPARKLING 343 Photo 6