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Schmidt City Club 130-06

A vintage Schmidt City Club Beer can from the Jacob Schmidt Brewing Co. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, top opened. This can is from a small collection of 81 cans that came out of an estate sale in Waukesha, WI. Every can from this collection has a small hole toward the top on the back side and appears to have been opened in the same way with the same opener. This leads us to believe an early collector starting in the 1950s drank these cans and then stabbed them onto a nail on the wall to display them.


Availability: Sold Out

SKU: 117769
Category: Flat Tops Non-OI
Book #: 130-06
Grade: 1-
Brewery: Jacob Schmidt Brewing Co.
City: St. Paul
State: MN
Type: Non-IRTP flat top beer can
Size: 12 oz

Schmidt City Club 130-06 Beer

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