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Lucky Lager Dated 093-38

Vintage Lucky Lager Age-Dated Beer cans from the Lucky Lager Brewing Co. in Vancouver, Washington. Top lids have "Contents does not contain more than four (4%) percentum of alcohol by weight. I have twenty of these. They were found in an attic in Missoula, MT. Priced so the worst one is a bargain. First come first serve! Of the 20 Lucky cans, there are 6 different dates stamped on the bottoms:

3 2 x February 21, 1956
4 3 x March 20, 1956
4 x July 23, 1956
1 x July 30, 1956
4 3x August 16, 1956
4 3 x August 18, 1956


Availability: Sold Out

SKU: 117580
Category: Flat Tops Non-OI
Book #: 093-38
Grade: 1/1+ to A1+
Brewery: Lucky Lager Brewing Co.
City: Vancouver
State: WA
Type: Non-IRTP flat top beer can
Size: 12 oz
Date: 1950s

Lucky Lager Dated 093-38 Beer

Lucky Lager Dated 093-38 Photo 2