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Dakota Beer 053-03

Dakota 5% alcohol vanity top lid.   Some interesting history regarding the signature on the lid.  The brewmaster took ownership by signing the lid. However, the beer initially had some notable taste issues. The brewmaster forgot to add one piece to the brewing process equipment- essentially a filter that would prevent contaminants from being added to the brew. He resigned once this was discovered.


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SKU: BREW21263
Category: Flat Tops Non-OI
Book #: 053-03
Grade: Clean can with a bit of aging & spotting. See detailed photos.
Brewery: Dakota Malting & Brewing Co.
City: Bismarck
State: ND
Type: Flat Top
Size: 12 oz
Manufacturer: American Can Co.
Canning/Manuf. Code: 82 - St. Paul, MN (American)
IRTP Status: Non-IRTP
Date: c. 1960

Dakota Beer 053-03 Beer

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